26th August 2019

WTIA and SuperChain Capital signed a contract to open the Great China Region Exchange Market.

WTIA (Chairman Kim Keun-Young) said that he signed a contract in Beijing on August 26th to open the Great China Region currency market after India and Sri Lanka, which had been holding a global exchange in September 2019.


From left = XU Chairman of SuperChain Capital and GBIA, Kim Keun-Young Chairman of WTIA

Beijing – Xu, chairman of SuperChain Capital and the Global Blockchain Investment Alliance (GBIA), the largest blockchain association that has invested in such technology as Bitcherry Foundation and IPSE (InterPlanetary Search Engine), which will lead the Great China Region market in the future, and mutual community personnel (GBIA, including Hong Kong) have 120,000 members to support exchange of technology, advance into overseas markets.

In particular, if the BitCherry Coin on the Bittok Exchange Platform ( - 120,000 members) and the WTIA RxR Coin on the WTIA exchange, which is invested by Superchain Capital and listed with USDT, are interconnected with the STO Coin (G.C.C.1 : Gold Coin, MHR : Hotel & Resort Coin, S.C.C.1 : Real Estate Development Coin, WLOG : Logistics Coin etc.) and others.

It also said that the co-existence between the E-Commerce specialised by Superchain Capital and the WTIA's associated coins published in conjunction with real-world projects worldwide would be a new model for the blockchain market.

This is a significant departure from the previous concept that completion of blockchain technology alone leads the global market, and that is the launch of a new model of technology and project collaborations.

All of these projects will be another starting point for achieving the final goal of WTIA's global social contribution campaign SMART JOB CREATION, the WTIA said.