The World Token Issuing Alliance

What is WTIA?

The World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) is the advisory and Capital market solution of some of the biggest real-world blockchain projects in the world. Projects include sovereign-level assetization programs, utility-token driven business models for listed companies, tokenized infrastructure securities, high-technology applications and much more. Governments and Large corporations seeking a new paradigm in management, asset utilization, business development and stakeholder engagement have joined the WTIA. The WTIA is a network of some of the world’s top business, infrastructure development, blockchain advisors and discerning investors, bringing capital, technology and know-how to developing countries and large multi-national corporations.


Who is WTIA?


Our Goal

To become the go-to alliance for governments and large corporations to embrace technology. Creating new value propositions for users and offering strong returns.


We Create

Financial Ecosystem for assets and blockchain Technology to interact, creating an environment where cryptocurrency can be accepted as a medium of exchange for global asset and utility trading.


We Believe

At WTIA, we believe that the time has come for governments and businesses from around the world to adopt Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Security Token Offerings (STO) to gain access to corporate financing solutions. WTIA has the required tools and expertise – in the form of easy access to rapid funding, professionally tailored teams, and support devices – to provide governments and businesses with the opportunity to change the paradigm and utilize blockchain technology to create a level of trust in the system that had been previously missing.


Key Elements of WTIA



High Performance


High Availability


Alternative Configurations


Security Infrastructure


Strong Advisory Board


Strong Investors


WTIA acts as the platform for other blockchain projects to develop on and giving the projects the solid foundation that they need to succeed.


What is WTIA-X?



Active exchange for WTIA projects to enhance liquidity and deliver strong returns for investors.

We create

A new financial ecosystem based on interactions between assets and blockchain technology.

A safe environment to enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange for assets by creating the eco-system for blockchain project success, based on 4 access principles:

  • • Access to sufficient capital
  • • Access to strong advisors
  • • Access to customers/users
  • • Access to networks/connections

Good businesses with good projects from around the world can adopt Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO) to gain access to capital in order to experience positive business growth and development.

We provide

Solution for Businesses in financing our Community with participation in start-ups and profit-based companies around the world.

Licenses and Regulations

WTIA-X will be working with local partners in the Philippines to apply for and obtain a financial technology solutions on offshore virtual currency (FTSOVC) business license to conduct its exchange business from CEZA.

Security & Utility Token Listings

“WTIA ensures that the projects are legally compliants and for the projects to be successfully fundraised” – WTIA, CEO

Collaboration with Partners

WTIA-X will collaborate with channel partners to promote and expand their user-base.

Collaboration with Projects

“Sovereign and large scale projects, traded with the base RxR token”.

Market Presence – Rapid overseas expansion

Within first 3 months with licensees to expand and promote WTIA-X



What is RXR token?

It is the exchange and transactional token of WTIA Exchange and acts as a base currency of all of WTIA’s tokens.



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