14 July 2019

WTIA on A Mission to Make Digital and Fiat Currencies All Inclusive Using Blockchain Based Financial Platform in Partnership with Rijndlpay Technologies

One of the key areas WTIA is looking to evolve the use of money through cryptocurrency is in humanitarian use cases such as Job Creation, Digital Payments, Financial Inclusion and many more.


From Right to Left: Mr Keun Young Kim, Chairman WTIA, Mr Rohan Britto, Managing Director WTIA, Mr. Mitish Chitnavis, RijndlPay.

According to Mr. Keun Young Kim, Chairman of WTIA, “Referring to World Bank Global Findex 2017 report, approximately 1.7billion people in the world do not have a bank account or any form of relationship with a financial institution. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology has the potential to bring banking to the unbanked and that what this partnership is going to do. WTIA$ and RXRCOIN will demonstrate that anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can perform financial transactions under financial inclusion. Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrencies such as WTIA$ and RXRCOIN can be used and traded internationally and at a very low cost. Many a times the current banking fees are prohibitively expensive for small merchants, with the crypto currency paradigm is decentralized and peer to peer, which means that we can offer these solutions at very low costs or such high fees may not exist. We will work with central banks and create a retail central bank-issued digital currency that a regular person can hang on to.”

“We are excited to partner with Rijndlpay team as they have demonstrated with their Payment2.0 Platform that together we can achieve our vision” commented Rohan F. Britto, Managing Director — WTIA Payments2.0 platform can issue a multicurrency wallet with a crypto wallet. Creating a financial freedom for all our users. Rijndlpay was started by ex-Obopay, ex — Yes Bank, team which had launched NokiaMoney in India and Yucash in Kenya, Yobant’el in partnership with Société General in Senegal, Monifone in partnership with Société General in Cameroon and Warid Pesa in Uganda in Partnership with Warid Telecom.

The new global network uniting retail and blockchain technologies, today announced a limited launch of its network and mobile app to enable instant cryptocurrency payments in stores and online for several retail merchants.

WTIA and Rijndlpay (Payment2.0) will roll out the financial services in phases. In the first phase we will roll out Multicurrency Crypto wallets using QR code and in partnership with card networks for payments in African countries. said Mitish Chitnavis, Chief Architect — Rijndlpay Technologies