3rd September 2019

WTIA, Indonesia PT.SRAMBULLION Mining Group signing a contract to establish joint venture.

WTIA (Chairman Kim Keun-Young) announced that it signed a contract with PT. SRAM BULLION Mining Group (Chairman Subramani) at their head office in Jakarta on 3rd September 2019.


From Left = Neelima Thakur (Vice President of SRAM BULLION Mining Group), Kim Keun-Young (WTIA Chairman), Dr. Subramani (Chairman of SRAM BULLION Mining Group), Rohan Britto (WTIA Managing Director)

Jakarta – The deal calls for the establishment of a joint venture in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a initial capital of $10 million as investment of more than 90% in PT. SRAM BULLION Mining in Indonesia and the agreement also outlined details of more than 3 billion ($3.6 trillion) in operating assets.

In addition, the company said it has agreed to invest in IT, blockchain and trading platform businesses in South Korea, while agreeing to jointly operate funds for partners linked to the Indonesian corporation.

WTIA$ which will be WTIA’s Stable Coin and equivalent to USDT, with a cash and collateral backing of 1 Billion USD (equivalent to 1.2 Trillion KRW) will be linked to WTIA ecosystem of digital coins. For example, Argentina MAXWELL Coin, United Kingdom MHR Coin (Monopoly Hotels and Resorts), Democratic Republic of the Congo GCC1 Coin (Gold Copper Cobalt).

All of the above work carried out by WTIA is focusing on a global social contribution project called 'SMART JOB CREATION' and that it is expected to create more forms of jobs through projects in the future.

PT SRAM Bullion :