4th March 2021

KMH Peace Foundation from South Korea along with its strategic Korean partners pledges PPE Equipment to the people of Afghanistan through Massoud Foundation.

Republic of Korea and Afghanistan have historically shared little except for the unfortunate phenomenon of being located in strategic regions near larger and more powerful states. Since Republic of Korea established diplomatic relations with Afghanistan in December 1973, Korea has actively participated in security and reconstruction of Afghanistan with successful program have focused heavily on development assistance and training programs. Based on Korea’s reputation for good governance and efforts, we [KMHPF, K-BIZ and WTIA] expect to continue our sustainable exchanges by building cooperative relationships across multiple fields such as Technical Training, Tele-education, Medical Service & Solution, Hospital, Agriculture and Farming industry.


We are as donors pleased to support and agreed to provide as much support as possible for Korean PPE products on a humanitarian level, and that no value is received in connection with said donation. This is very valuable to the continuing efforts that we are making to initiate a relationship between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Korea said Dr. Moonho Kim, Chairman of the KMH Peace Foundation.

Recently, we have actively participated in supporting various programs to create the necessary conditions for the world to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic situation and expanding profile on the world stage, often referred to as “Global Korea”, moving from being an aid recipient to a donor nation in one generation. We will make its effort all the more salient and donate to the Massoud Foundation by the involvement of our financial resources, and in-kind contributions. It is clearly a priority for us, and our alliance will be well served.

About KMH Peace Foundation. KMH PF is a non-profit organization founded in September, 2018 to promote peace through inter-Korean cooperation with global support. KMH PF honors Korean people’s earnest wish through generations for peace and reunification and launches various projects and activities for inter-Korean Peace with the next generation.