29th June 2020

Post Covid-19 on World Economic Issues Global Video Conference

On 29 June 2020, WTIA reported that its online conference was held to address The impact of COVID-19 that is being felt by Government’s & Businesses globally.


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, On June 29th 2020, WTIA reported that the “WTIA WORLD VIDEO CONFERENCE 2020” was held on the subject to address the “The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) which is being felt by all Government’s and Businesses around the world”.

Participants which included Royal Family Offices, Ministers in Office, Central Bank Officials and HNWI’s totaling more than 150 people from around the world, including Korea (9 countries in Asia, 6 countries in the Middle East, 10 countries in Africa, 4 countries in Europe) attended an astounding successful conference it was learnt from many present.

Kim Keun-Young, chairman of WTIA, said at the conference, "We will work with governments that are striving to revive the sluggish economic growth and international trade markets due to the Corona crisis and present solutions to cope with changes in stable market order and new paradigms such as trade and financial transactions."

WTIA held this global videoconference where all gathered in one place though different time-zones in preparation for the new normal era, and announced a new strategic digital led vision prepared by WTIA. The Focus of this this year’s conference was to address key subjects like Digital Currency (moving from Cash to Cashless / Contactless transactions), Cyber Security, AI and Blockchain where decision makers were be able to witness first-hand how WTIA’s converged platform will help them make the Post Covid19 Digital transition seamless.

WTIA also announced through this a new online marketplace of K-Products that will also allow users to leverage digital currency for real use in daily transactions. NTrustOne another new project announced that will be the latest P2P Crypto Exchange launched shortly in India bringing RXR (its native currency) to mainstream via its own Singapore based exchange WTIAX to address the new millennial crypto hungry Indian investors thereafter replicating the same model across other global cities across 2020-2021.

For many of you who do not know yet – at the heart of WTIA lies a very valuable mission “SMART Job Creation” and with this Quest, we have been not just showing how we can use technology to achieve this goal but recently post Covid19 come to the realization that K-Power (Korean Power) is very much sought after globally quipped Rohan F. Britto, Managing Director – MEA & Europe, He continued that the almost immediate positive response after the conference from certain Middle Eastern and African Government’s was absolutely exciting and he believes WTIA is on the path to deliver on their promises and make an impact where it matters most.

WTIA pledged through this conference to help clients navigate the increasingly complicated new normal landscape towards a prosperous future. WTIA’s dedicated global team of professionals was at hand and offered access to various key solutions through it scientifically built ecosystem.