12th July 2021

WTIA Group, Seoul now see results after 3yrs in the Resources, IT, Carbon, Wood Pulp & Energy sectors of DR Congo

KINSHASA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO - WTIA Group from South Korea witnesses results after dedicating almost 3yrs in the Resources, IT, Carbon, Wood Pulp & Energy sectors of DR Congo.


An Executive delegation from WTIA Korea led by Chairman Keun-Young Kim visited Democratic Republic of The Congo from June 27th, 2021. They have since their arrival had an audience with various Ministry's and Government Entities.

The Meetings with Ministry's were to lay down their Agenda and ensure it was in sync with the Government's initiative.

1. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development: An audience with Honorable Eve BAZAIBA MASUDI was well received to discuss initiatives in The Forest & Wood Industry with the plans to develop a wood pulp factory locally where by products of wood can be further manufactured thereby creating employment and fueling the economy. Carbon Credits was discussed and welcomed with overwhelming support to WTIA for thinking green and contributing responsibly to climate change. Another appreciated project was the "Sanitary Pad Factory" using local wood pulp and cotton and meant for local usage of the 52 million congolese women presently.

2. Ministry of Mines: An audience with H.E. Antoinette N'Samba Kalambayi, was to discuss the group's mining sector focus by added value of setting up a local state-of-the-art Smelting Refinery Plant to process 7 minerals locally. The same meeting also addressed the Energy Deficiency of the country which is crippling the mining and heavy industry sector, Power Packaged Solutions by Hyundai was processed. The highlight of the meeting was to setup a Battery manufacturing plant in Kolwezi - the source of global cobalt mining. This reaffirms South Korea's role to lead the Global K-Battery Industry as expressed by the South Korean President himself.

The South Korean President Jae-In Moon, during his recent visit to LG Energy Solution in Korea, expressed his keenness to support the "K-Battery Industry" and said "The K-Battery Industry is an essential industry that opens the future," adding, "It is an area that needs to take more and make sure South Korea leads this technology globally in the future."

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Democratic Republic of The Congo and South Korea in 1963, it has continued on-going diplomatic relations and continued economic exchanges.

Also, "The next 10 years will be a critical time to re-determine our country's position in the global battery industry." And "In order to become an unrivaled No. 1 country, we need to focus on public-private capabilities and start responding from now on," he said. Regarding the investment plan of more than 40 trillion won by 2030 announced by private battery companies, the Korean government is also said to support them to grow into new future flagship industries. In the overheating global supply chain race, close cooperation between Democratic Congo and South Korea is desperately needed.

3. Ministry of Youth and New Citizenship: An audience with H.E. Dr. Yves Bunkulu was well received as the much needed E-Learning and High Speed Internet access provided by Group subsidiary was presented which will be implemented at The National Youth Training Centers nationally.

4. SNEL: State Operated Power Corporation SNEL received the WTIA Group and proposed to sign an MOU and evaluate the perfect "Packaged Power Solutions" provided by WTIA consortium member South Korean based J.O.Engineering represented by President and CEO, J.W. Lee

These are the results of more than three years of efforts by the WTIA Group with Democratic Republic of The Congo Government and State Operated Industries.

The WTIA's delegation visit coincided with the visit of Mr. Ham Sang-wook, Deputy Foreign Minister for multilateral affairs who paid a courtesy call on President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, hoping to further strengthen bilateral relations. President Felix Tshisekedi said he hopes to expand cooperation in areas such as energy, health, agriculture, education, and hydroelectric power.

Chairman Keun-Young Kim expressed finally "Hope the projects carried out by the WTIA Group will be astounding success, helping the economic development of the Democratic Republic of The Congo and laying the foundation for securing Korea's future growth engine too".

The TIME is NOW for close cooperation between Democratic Republic of The Congo and South Korea in the fiery competition to secure a Global Supply Chain across various industries for the benefit of both the Great Nations.